Suntec Sales Kit
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Intelligent Building Management

Our building is equipped with an Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) that is programmed to independently manage Suntec Singapore’s building’s ecosystem such as our lighting and air-conditioning systems. The IBMS allows for remote configuration to minimise energy consumption and to meet various functional needs across multiple events.

Similarly, the IBMS monitors ambient lighting outside the Centre to decide when to switch on lights indoors, and monitor activity inside the Centre to help decrease unnecessary lighting. Moreover, in the case where a room is left unused, the IBMS will bring in external airflow for ventilation while filtering out humidity, thereby removing the need for air-conditioning in the room. This reduces the load on the chiller plant while meeting the required sustainable thermal level.

On top of this, our meeting rooms are designed to maximise the use of natural daylight with floor-to-ceiling windows where possible, to reduce the need for additional lighting. Angular glass facade and envelope naturally reduce the heat transfer from sunlight to keep our building cooler and as a result, reduces air-conditioning needs.